Marcello Ziliani

Covid Emergency

27 March 2020

we are designers

What habits are changing? What difficulties are arising? Tell us about the small problems you encounter in everyday life at the time of the coronavirus. We are designers and we try to find solutions that everyone can achieve   give us your suggest: facebook instagram

4 May 2020

alligators’ river

Can a tub become an impervious path to be bravely crossed? Put some cans still full inside the tub with a little imagination it will seem to wade a river full of alligators

30 April 2020

jaguar step

Can chairs become a life path? Stretch strings between chairs, crossing it just enough and creating an impervious path to be tackled  by “jaguar step”!

28 April 2020

cave at home

Can a clothesline become a cave to explore? Hang plastic bottles or other small and simple items on the clotheslines and cover it with a bed sheet. Space for your imagination!

24 April 2020

can an ironing board become a fun slide?

Place it closed on a chair or sofa, make sure it is stable and have fun with your children!

17 April 2020

Is shopping a problem?

Between gloves, hygiene and list, is shopping a problem? Get the cardboard inside the toilet paper roll and cut it lengthwise All you need is adhesive tape to secure your list to the paper roll and fit it on the shopping cart handle

15 April 2020

masks always available?

Get paper tissues, or cotton fabric, dog sleepers, non-woven fabric – use at least two layers – 4 safety pins and 2 elastic bands. Pinch the handkerchief to create the volume desired, use the pins to block the folds obtained and insert the elastic bands inside them.

9 April 2020

home sweet home

How to leave Covid out of house? Take a shoe box, remove 3 of the 4 edges of the lid and secure it to the box with adhesive tape. Arrange the boxes outside the entrance to the house to maintain hygiene inside the home.

7 April 2020

smartworking?! HUT!

download the instructions to build a cardboard cocoon that can isolate you visually and acoustically to better focus the same structure can be hung on the wall in case your desk leans against a wall. hut can also be used as a screen to divide the spaces of the house or simply to make calls […]

3 April 2020

before walking into home

Before walking into home it is good practice wipe your hands … but how do you remember it? Cut and drill a bottle bottom taking care to protect cutted edges with adhesive tape. Hang up the container obtained on the handle of the entrance door and put the hand sanitizer inside Impossible to forget it!

31 March 2020

smart shopping

In order to limit your stay when you are shopping, organize the list based on the arrangement of products in your supermarket

24 March 2020

defend yourself from the shopping cart

in order not to touch the handle of the shopping chart, use two or more cardboard tubes of the toilet roll, joining them with paper tape and cutting them lengthwise