Marcello Ziliani


21 April 2021

Generazione Oceano. Life below water

This year’s projects carried out by the students of the third year product design laboratory of the University of San Marino to whom we have assigned a particular theme, linked to number 14 ‘Life Below Water’ of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG2030) of the United Nations, centered on safeguarding the “ocean system” which performs […]

9 February 2021

Audrey retail packaging and display

In 2021, the Audrey collection designed for Pinti 1929 will be presented in a new, refined retail packaging, the result of an innovative project developed by Marcello Ziliani together with Pinti’s Research and Development department. This research has led to the creation of a tool that allows you to experience the Audrey world. See the video.

27 November 2020

A chat about food and design

The brand new blog magazine “il quinto quarto” opens the “Assaggi” column with an interview with Marcello Ziliani who talks about the Audrey cutlery collection designed for Pinti 1929 and talks about it in a pleasant chat with the journalist Carola Fiora.

28 July 2020

ACT! Design for Social Movements

Also this year the third year product design laboratory of the University of San Marino took place, albeit in an unusual way compared to what we were used to. Students have been untangled in these months so hard between interviews, brainstorming and project development via streaming, however capable of coping with the situation with intelligence […]

16 July 2020

Finn / new collections for Scab Design

Profiles with deliberately generous sections create a pure and minimalist architecture that acts as the supporting structure for a soft, welcoming, and enveloping seat. From this contrast comes project Finn. A fusion of Nordic elements, filtered through a typically Italian sweetness and softness, a search for the perfect synthesis between tension and balance. Materials, colours, […]

8 July 2020

Kilt new colours!

Kilt, the dining chair whose weave ‘takes its cue from the piece of fabric wrapped around the waists of the proud inhabitants of the Highlands’, designed by Marcello Ziliani for Ethimo, is presented in two new versions to furnish outdoor spaces with personality and create unique settings through the use of colour. A blend of […]

3 June 2020

Marcello Ziliani on Design Lifestyle

Marcello Ziliani is a designer from Brescia. In fact, saying about him who is a designer is perhaps relegating him to a single dimension, while Marcello is accustomed, since the beginning of his career, to range between art, scenography, visual communication. Rather, we can not even say that he is “used”, because for him habit […]

26 March 2020

Red Dot 2020 to Lisa!

Lisa Club with interweaved PVC bands and Lisa Filò with nautical rope get the international Red Dot Design Award 2020. Applauded since the beginning by architects and designers who used them in many hospitality projects, they can be considered as an homage to the most elegant and casual made in Italy production.

8 January 2020

Shift B-Side – Videointerview

Marcello Ziliani talks about the importance of seats “B side” by describing the Shift chair, born from research that plays on the rear overhang of the seat and on the non-Cartesian articulation of the crosspieces that make up the frame.  

8 January 2020

Good Design Award to Audrey

Audrey cutlery collection conveys elegance and refinement, enhanced by the fluid and soft lines. Designed by the architect Marcello Ziliani, the Audrey line wins one of the oldest and most prestigious awards for design excellence and innovation, Good Design Award 2019/20 in the Tabletop category.